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Cembrit Cempanel – Cement Particle Board Supplier

Cembrit is produced by mixing fine wood particle, Portland cement and mineralising agents. Cembrit fresh boards are kept in the maturing store, Cembrit also passed through the conditioning chamber to bring Cembrit to equilibrium moisture content. Cempanel which is one of the most durable building boards around. Cembrit also combines the strength of cement with all the flexibility of wood. Cembrit combination of chips and also cement creates a Cembrit board that is very stronger and yet also very lighter than plasterboard and also Cembrit is arguably far less likely to be damaged while on site.

Cembrit Cement Particle Board - Building board is suitable for external and also internal applications. Cembrit Cement Particle Board is an exterior and interior cement particle cladding, Cembrit Cement Particle Board is a lining board that is far superior to timber sheathing. Cembrit Cement Particle Board can absorb small amounts of moisture whilst still remaining structurally sound. Cembrit Cement Particle Board combines the strength of cement with the flexibility of timber. Cembrit Cement Particle Board is resistant to changes in heat and moisture. Cembrit Cement Particle Board quality makes Cempanel fire resistant and a very good thermal insulator.

Cembrit Multi-purpose is an autoclaved, Cembrit Multi-purpose increases density and also dimensional stability, Cembrit Multi-purpose is versatile, Cembrit Multi-purpose is a general purpose building board. Cembrit Multi-purpose typically used as dry-lining including partition and also cut to size for all forms of panels and strips. Cembrit Multi-purpose is popular for roofline and also for verge undercloaks as well as soffits including ceiling linings. Cembrit Multi-purpose available in 4 different thicknesses with an A1 fire rating, Cembrit Multi-purpose is the ideal lining board for stockists to offer for general building and also for fitting out work.

Cembrit Permabase reinforced, and also Cembrit Permabase is lightweight, and Cembrit Permabase is water-resistant cement board with tapered edges Cembrit Permabase facilitate invisibly butt joint installation. Cembrit Permabase is an ideal for use on external applications, such as rendering and brick slips including stone cladding. Cembrit Permabase is also a very rigid cement and at the same time also an aggregate board which also incorporating polystyrene beads. Cembrit Permabase reinforced tapered edges designed for butt jointing. Cembrit Permabase flat surfaces of the board strengthened with glass mesh. Cembrit Permabase is dark grey flat surfaces with grid texture indicating the presence of Cembrit Permabase strengthening mesh. Cembrit Permabase tapered edges with lighter grey cement colour.

Cembrit cempanel supplier
Cembrit cempanel boards
Cembrit cempanel

Cembrit Windstopper Basic board is powerfully and also Cembrit Windstopper Basic is resistant towards both rot and fungal growth, Cembrit Windstopper Basic can withstand considerable fluctuations in weather and also in climate conditions. Adding to this, the Cembrit Windstopper Basic is also a non-combustible. When installed Cembrit Windstopper Basic according to Cembrit installation instructions, Cembrit Windstopper Basic will always function as a temporary facade for up to 6 months.

Cembrit Windstopper Extreme both thicknesses provide a very good acoustic insulation. Cembrit Windstopper Extreme specially designed sealing tape (with 12-month UV stability) Cembrit Windstopper Extreme seals joints and edges which providing a complete weatherproofing of the building. When installed Cembrit Windstopper Extreme according to Cembrit installation instructions, Cembrit Windstopper Extreme will always function as a temporary facade for up to 12 months.

Cembrit HD is a construction building board, Cembrit HD is very strong, and also Cembrit HD is weather-resistant building board for demanding applications. Cembrit Construction (Cembrit HD) is an uncoated, and also Cembrit HD is untreated high-density building board/cladding sheet, Cembrit HD comes with many years of use in demanding climates. Cembrit HD is natural grey, and also Cembrit HD is homogeneous fibre-cement board with a cementitious appearance. Cembrit HD is very durable, Cembrit HD is dimensionally stable, Cembrit HD is impact-resistant. Cembrit HD material will withstand extreme climates, Cembrit HD resist rot and fungus.

Cembrit Multi Force is designed to meet all your building requirements – regardless the tougher these requirements are, the more obvious about the choice of Cembrit Multi Force. Cembrit Multi Force is capability to add more value and it’s what makes Cembrit Multi Force, a very unique solution. Cembrit Multi Force is a versatile and multi-functional building board, Cembrit Multi Force provides a very higher strength at low weight. In addition, Cembrit Multi Force building board is very easily recognised by it’s cement grey colour and also with a glitter in the surface. Cembrit Multi Force is made of cement and limestone including minerals and reinforced with a very specially selected fibre material, Cembrit Multi Force is particularly resistant to any moisture.